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Damien put Sonata back in his
Damien put Sonata back in his stall, patting his neck. He would ride him tomorrow. He fought the sudden urge to take her hand, and slowly walked out of the barn. (Come.) He walked toward the edge of the campus, where a beat up blue station wagon was sitting on the street. Three bumper stickers were on the back of it. One read 'Stress is when you wake up screaming & you realize you haven't fallen asleep yet',another read 'I'm not tense, just terribly, terribly alert....' and the last one read 'Seen it all, done it all, can't remember most of it.' Damien walked over, looking at Avina. (Here.) A girl with light brown hair and the same gold eyes Damien had sat in the automobile, watching a tiny rottweiler puppy climb all over the seats.
~ A small step back was taken, watching as he settled Sonata into his stall, and Avina followed after him as they left the barn. Sieve watched, ears raised at attention as her owner fell into stride with the male. A gentle snort was offered, and the mare th
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Bad TyTy
~ Tyrone's attitude when it came to this sort of thing tended to get him in trouble. With whoever. It wasn't like he was being led by a angelic concious like Jiminy Cricket. He fiddled with the coat buttons a second, more trying to keep his hands busy then anything. The bottle was still held in his left hand, but he didn't drink anymore, or even spill it. The males forehead was creased with thought and his stride had become a bit buisness-like as he moved through the neighborhoods. Trying to beat the sunrise. The air was still crisp with the night chill, and only a very slight purple showed in the east where the sun was hiding. Finally, the houses became a bit familiar, and Tyrone's stride dropped considerably. Not having second thoughts exactly, just more gathering himself. The neighborhood was still soaked in dusk light, or lack thereof, as Tyrone moved toward one house. There were no cars in the driveway, causing a shudder of ease to rise as he came to the front door. Maybe it was t
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I am diving head first into a pool of broken glass... I know this will end badly, for me anyway. But I just cannot help myself. It's like the damn glass is hypnotizing me. And off the board I go. I see a ton of red flag warning signs, not to mention my hard to fail intuition. I see a million ways I am going to crash and burn. But... You beckon and I come running. I hate that about myself. If I could change one thing about myself, I want to be totally complacent. Just.. Don't give a flying fuck. I know I know, greatest evil, blah blah blah. But come on, give me a break here. Wanna know the truth? I am scared to lose you, as a friend and whatever the hell else this is. And I know you don't care about losing me. That is terrifying. And the story of my life.
Well! Got a horse yesterday. After the Donatello's screwed me so badly on Serenity I am glad to have something with no strings attached! Went to Concord to see him, drove along 160 it was BEAUTIFUL right alongside the river. He was DEEP in the hills (poor truck!) and I spent some time with him, saw his "spook" which was in place and he just spun to look at whatever scared him. No bolting ect. Plus it was super windy down there! He didn't get into the trailer right away, but we didn't force, just worked very easily with him. His name is August, AKA Augie. He was cowboyed at one time so he responds better with gentleness rather than firmness. Which is perfect for me :D

So he got in the trailer and we started UP and DOWN these massively steep narrow hills back toward 160. Poor Augie, he did WONDERFUL for such a ride! Plus at one point this idiot motorcycle came by and revved his engine RIGHT at the window where Augie's head was and we felt him shift and move at that. But otherwise he rode great! Stopped and got some fast food for dinner, and he did fine for that too :)

Got lost at one point but luckily Sandy had been lost in this particular spot before so we found out way back easily :D We came back 160 along the Sacramento Delta, awesome beautiful drive. Got home just before the sun set and backed the trailer up to just turn Augie out into the arena and let him look around. I expected him to run, bolt, buck, ect, but he just snorted and looked around. He even rolled :D so he was totally comfortable. The sun set (boooo) and I had to put him in his stall and head home.

I will be going out to the ranch in a few hours whenever my truck gets home lol! I cannot wait! I am going to bring my camera too and get pictures and videos of him :D SQUEE! Okay just wanted to share! Hehe
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